Balagere Branch

UKG Program

Our curriculum at this stage, is crucial for building upon the foundational skills developed in earlier years and further preparing children for formal schooling. Here are key aspects of our curriculum during this stage:

Academic Foundations:

Our curriculum at this stage further emphasizes on STEAM. We focus on building foundational academic skills in literacy, numeracy, and other subject areas. Children refine their reading and writing skills, expand their vocabulary, and develop fluency in basic mathematical concepts such as counting, addition, and subtraction.

Language Development:

Language and communication skills are further developed through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. Children are engaged in more complex conversations, learn to express themselves clearly and coherently, and continue to expand their understanding of grammar and syntax.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:

Our curriculum further emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry-based learning. Children are encouraged to ask questions, explore new ideas, and engage in hands-on activities that promote logical reasoning, creativity, and innovation.

Social and Emotional Learning:

We prioritize social and emotional development of little innovators. Children learn important social skills such as cooperation, empathy, and conflict resolution. They also develop emotional awareness, self-regulation, and resilience through guided activities and interactions with peers and adults.

Independence and Responsibility:

Our curriculam promotes independence and responsibility as children learn to take care of themselves, manage their belongings, and complete tasks independently. They develop self-help skills such as tying shoelaces, zipping jackets, and packing their bags, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

Cultural and Global Awareness:

Our curriculum often includes lessons and activities that promote cultural and global awareness. Children learn about different cultures, traditions, and perspectives through stories, celebrations, and discussions, fostering tolerance, respect, and appreciation for diversity.

Physical Development:

Our Little Innovators are engaged in physical play, games, and exercises that enhance coordination, balance, and strength.

Creativity and Expression:

Our curriculum encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression through art, music, drama, and storytelling. Children are provided with opportunities to explore their interests, experiment with different materials, and express themselves in various ways, nurturing their creativity and self-confidence.

Parental Engagement:

Parents are encouraged to actively engage in their child's learning by reinforcing concepts at home, participating in school activities and events, and communicating regularly with teachers to support their child's progress.

Overall, our curriculum is instrumental in furthering children's academic, social, emotional, and physical development, laying a strong foundation for their continued growth and success in school and beyond.


Our integrated Curriculum focuses on encouraging curiosity and building every development area of a child like math and logical reasoning, scientific exploration, vocabulary development and outdoor skills.

Our Curriculum helps children think critically, learn to solve problems and become more independent

Safe, nurturing, home like environment where children feel comfortable and focus on learning

Daily report, regular interaction with school heads, parent teacher meeting, assesments and interactive school management system helps us in understanding each childs need and to be in sync.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) along with Eco-friendly education and practices.

Every child is unique. We develop these unique skillsets so they can thrive in their own ways.

Children are engaged in independent work and activities in groups to build their social, language, math and literacy skills.

We teach patience and empathy