Balagere Branch

Daycare Program

Little Innovators Preschool provides full-day daycare program for children between the age group of 18 months to 8 years. We understand that these early years are very special time of development and early experiences. Our daycare program is specially curated and carefully implemented that incorporates age-appropriate strategy-based lessons. This helps your child in developing emotional intelligence, social intelligence, sensory discrimination skills, concept development, critical thinking skills, and language and physical skills.

Age-appropriate concept building, intellectually stimulated activities are implemented to help children build them in fun and creative ways.

Secure Environment:

Your child’s safety is utmost priority for us. We maintain high standard of safety, hygiene, and care.

Age-appropriate Curriculum:

Our daycare program is customized to cater individual needs of a child based on his/her age.


Semillero daycare program is well structured with numerous indoor and outdoor activity, theatre, art and craft, play time, nap time etc.

Parent Interaction

We understand your emotions and curiosity in knowing your child’s activity throughout the day. Our daycare experts provide daily report covering every minute details.


Our premises is under CCTV surveillance 24*7.